Frequently asked questions

We’ve tattooed a lot of people during the last few years… It’s funny, but they all were asking strikingly similar questions, most of the time. Below is a list of them:
Is tattooing a safe practice?

As far as we’re talking about a regular approach for tattooing (like arms and feet, as opposed to eyelids or some else extreme) – it has been proven multiple times by a multitude of scientists to be absolutely safe for your health, long term…

I’m a minor under 18 y.o. Will you tattoo me without my parents’ consent?

No. We need a consent for any minor under 18 years old…

Do you require any kind of a medical checkup before doing tattoos?

Usually, we ask our customers of do they have any kind of history of skin issues. If their answer is yes, then we might ask them to undergo some clinical medical skin care check up and bring us the documents on it.

Do you require any kind of a medical checkup before piercing?

It goes the same as for the tattoos, which we’ve described in a previous question.

Do you do extreme tattoos - like on the eyelids, inside an eyeball?

Usually we do unless we have doubts about that person’s mental health.

What is your policy on making a tattoo or a piercing for my pet?

We never do that.

While a person may make a conscious choice for getting a tattoo or a piercing, a pet cannot…

Do you offer discounts for couples or a company of friends?

While we always offer a way to get a discount, usually we do not cut the price simply because of the size of the crew…

Do you have any other questions? If so, please Contact us.