Tattoos for any occasion!

…the sweetest memories captured on you

All of our tattoo and piercing masters here are masters indeed… Their artistic precision and perception are nothing short of perfect! Whether you’ll show us some image that you want to replicate on your skin or ask us to draw one and confirm with you, we’ll be glad to do either of those 2 for you! We understand it all very well, that the idea of getting a tattoo might easily hit you at 2am after a rock concert or few drinks… No problem, as we’re opened for bookings 24/7! While both our masters’ craftsmanship skills and our range of services are ceiling high, at the same time our prices are low, down-to-earth and unbelievably affordable!

Small Tattoos

In fact, this is our most popular tattoo service. As the majority of imagery that customers want falls under this size category….

Mid-Sized Tattoos

This one is used less often than its small and big-sized tattoo counterparts. Still, it is a perfect size.

Large Tattoos

Usually reserved for back tattoos and sometimes (though not often) for belly tattoos, this one is a deal breaker for the craziest ones…

Intimate Tattoos

The service which is (unfortunately) used not as often as we would have wished. Still, both the ladies and gentlemen are most welcome!

Facial Tattoos

Forget what we said about the craziest ones. Do you want a skull tattoo on your forehead? We’ll gladly do it!


The most popular piercing service fitting here is the belly button piercing, of course! For an unknown reason…

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